If you’re itching to test your comfort with heights, the Stigull ladder in northwest Norway provides the nearest thing to floating you are likely to find. Over 2,000 feet above the ground and positioned at a 45-degree angle, the ladder is the latest addition to a host of outdoor adventure activities built by Loen Active. The company pairs the thrills of climbing with the striking landscapes of the Nordfjord region. If the climb isn’t enough to get your heart racing, the view of gorgeous fjords, glittering lakes and, of course, the towering mountains will at least take your breath away. 

To have a go at the ladder, you must first ascend part of Loen’s Via Ferrata route – a term that translates to “iron path” and refers to the steel cables and fixed ladders on mountain climbing paths. Braving the ladder to the top of Mount Hoven will offer both bragging rights and more breathtaking views. A restaurant also sits at the ladder’s peak to replenish your energy, and a cable car provides a quick lift back to the bottom. 

Visitors can choose to climb the Via Ferrata route with or without a guide. For those with less climbing experience, guided trips cost 1,695 Norwegian Krone (about $160) for adults and 1,535 Norwegian Krone (about $145) for children over 12 years old. 

If you’re interested in other nearby attractions that are less likely to make your legs tremble but still offer a chance to soak in the landscape, kayaking or paddle boarding on the crystal-clear lakes are great options. Helicopter tours also grant an opportunity to view the region from above without the work of climbing, and picturesque hiking trails at Bodalsbreen bring you closer to glaciers, waterfalls and lots of sheep. 

If you desire the region’s ultimate thrill, though, make your way up to the “floating” ladder and absorb the views from a one-of-a-kind perspective. 

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