Blanca Blanco took to Instagram to document her trip to the Caribbean Island of Bonaire with her assortment of tiny bikinis. From lounging in the sand to snorkeling in the sea, Blanco did it all with her impressive abs on display.


Ready for a vacation with some bikini weather? We are, too. Here are three things to do in Bonaire.

The island is known for being laid back so take a slow stroll, or snorkel more like it, and visit the Bonaire National Marine Park. Thanks to the protective measures put into place in the 70s, the coral and fish are some of the healthiest in the area. Enter into a world under the sea and befriend sea turtles, sea horses or morays!

And who doesn’t love shopping? Take a visit to the Bonaire Art & Craft Market or some shops on the Dutch Colonial Main Street. The Bonaire Art & Craft Market is home to regional spices and handmade clay sculptures and other artwork. Can’t get much better for unique souvenirs that also support local businesses.

If you’re ready for some more adventurous water activities, take a day trip to Lac Bay. Two of the most common water sports are kayaking and windsurfing. Plus, if you rent a glass-bottomed kayak, you’ll be able to see all the sea life below!

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