The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did not add any destinations to the Level 4, or high-risk category for travel for the first time in months on Monday.

A destination is categorized as “high-risk” when 500 positive COVID-19 cases are reported per 100,000 residents within 28 days.

On January 18, the worst week for travel during the Omicron surge, 22 destinations were added to the Level 4 list in one week.

Just a month ago in late February, 140 destinations sat on the list. Since then, there has been a rapid decline in positive COVID cases, and many countries and cities have been dropping their travel restrictions – but 115 locations still remain at Level 4.

Popular travel destinations still listed as high-risk include France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Only one country, Madagascar, saw their COVID levels increase enough to be named Level 4 last week.

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