Iconic Drugstore Cowboy actress Heather Graham, 52, stunned in a black bikini at Utah hot springs over the weekend.


She shared a few photos of herself enjoying the picturesque snow-capped mountain views. She captioned a series of pictures on Instagram, “#hotsprings,” and tagged her friend, “@aislingchinyee.”

Travel like Heather Graham by taking a tour of the best hot springs Utah has to offer with a group of friends.

Crystal Hot Springs can be found in the northern part of the state. They are famed for having the highest mineral content in the world. The location also has a long history as Native Americans often visited the hot springs. As times progressed, it became a rejuvenating treat for Chinese immigrants who worked on the railroads and later as healing waters to injured World War II soldiers. There are camping sites nearby, so pitch a tent and enjoy an affordable stay in one of the most popular destinations in the American West.

Fifth Water Hot springs are some of the most beautiful hot springs in the state, and the trailhead is just an hour and a half away from Salt Lake City. Photos look like they were taken straight off of Pinterest, but these hot springs aren’t as easily accessible as others. For those willing to hike the 4.5-mile path in, take note that it is not a relaxing stroll. The path is steep, but the views are incredible as visitors will pass three waterfalls before reaching the hot springs. After arriving, take a pick from multiple pools with varying sizes and temperatures.

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