Magaluf, one of Majorca, Spain’s most popular summer tourism spots, is experiencing a decrease in traveler traffic due to recent anti-tourism protests.

Majorcans have been gathering to speak out against mass tourism and gentrification that has resulted in citizens being poorly treated and priced out of their homes. This was demonstrated in a recent 15,000 person protest in Palma that reportedly intimidated some tourists.

Now, locals are outnumbering tourists at some traditionally popular travel destinations, enjoying white sand beaches free of charge. Surrounding businesses express concern about the drop in tourism revenue.

A poll by the Majorca Daily Bulletin revealed that 55% of travelers are not deterred by the mass protests and would still consider booking a holiday despite the unrest. Even so, the island remains emptier than expected at the brink of summer, sparking concern given that tourism contributes largely to Majorca’s economy.

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