Elsa Pataky spent time in Madrid, the vibrant European capital she calls home, alongside her husband Chris Hemsworth and their friends. 

The 46-year-old Spanish actress shared an Instagram post on June 11, with a series of snaps showcasing her time in Madrid, Spain, with a glimpse of the beautiful city famous for its Gothic-style architecture. 

“Enjoying my home town Madrid with my love ones. ?” Pataky captioned the post.

The cover photo features the Fast & Furious star and Thor actor posing on a terrace with the iconic Almudena Cathedral and the capital’s rosy sunset in the background. The neo-Gothic cathedral just lit the golden light up for the night and created a perfect ambiance with its dark blue round rooftop.

Madrid, nestled amidst the breathtaking central sierras of Spain, is not just a city of flamenco and tapas but also a dream destination for capturing mesmerizing sunsets. If you are a sunset chaser or looking for unique images to capture your Madrid moments, below are the must-go spots during the Madrid sundown.

1. Temple of Debod For History Buffs

Transport yourself to ancient Egypt as you visit the Temple of Debod, a 2200-year-old Egyptian temple relocated to Madrid. It has two stone pylon gateways in front of the main temple building, which creates a perfect backdrop for photography. During sunset, the temple and the pylons are glow with electric lights. The shallow water surrounding the architects reflects the lights, the gleaming temple, and the pink and purple skyline of the Madrid sunset, adding a dreamy atmosphere to the photos. 

2. Gran Via Rooftop Bars For Cocktail Lovers

For a glamorous and panoramic sunset experience, head to one of the charming rooftop bars lining the Gran Via, Madrid’s bustling main street. Sip on a cup of sangría – an iconic refreshing cocktail in Madrid – as you soak in the vibrant atmosphere and marvel at the city’s impressive architecture. From here, you can witness the sun slowly descending behind the capital’s skyline, casting a kaleidoscope of colors over the urban landscape. 

3. El Retiro Park For Nature Fans

Escape the bustling city and find tranquility amidst the lush greenery of El Retiro Park. Known as the “lungs of Madrid,” this park offers endless possibilities for capturing dreamy sunset moments. Sitting along the serene lake, framed by the iconic Monument to Alfonso XII, the sun paints the sky in shades of orange and pink. For a touch of nature and romance, rent a rowboat and capture the reflection of the sun-kissed green trees on the calm waters.


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