Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, known for being the location of the Great Wildlife Migration, has been voted one of the top three world’s premier nature destinations for 2023. The new title bolsters the country’s reputation as Africa’s top tourism hub. 

“Serengeti has been voted by nature and outdoor fans as the third premium nature destination in the World for 2023,” the poll organizer Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel platform providing service for 400 million tourists each month. 

The first and second-place winners are Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and Kathmandu in Nepal.

Serengeti has its unique attraction as an unrivaled wildlife sanctuary.

William Mwakilema, the Conservation Commissioner of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), expressed gratitude, seeing the award as a vote of confidence in Tanzania’s tourism industry.

“No doubt, our painstaking efforts to conserve Serengeti flora and fauna, the customized tourism services, innovation, and experience have paid dividends,” Mwakilema said. 


“We are deeply grateful for continued support from satisfied tourists and green supporters whose anonymous votes enabled our victory. We feel extremely honored and humbled by such a ranking,” Mwakilema added.

Tourism plays a vital role in Tanzania’s economy, contributing to GDP growth, currency exchange, and job creation, as well as connecting the country with the global economy.  

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