Ashley Graham spent her vacation time at the beautiful fishing town of Scilla, tucked away in the region of Calabria, southern Italy

The 35-year-old Vogue model shared snaps of her secret getaway with her 21 million followers, featuring this hidden coastal treasure that was built upon the dramatic cliffs and captivating coastline. 

“Scilla, a hidden gem by the sea in the South of Italy, is a place I hope to call home one day,” captioned Graham.

“I can’t help but want to share Scilla with the world. When planning your next European adventure, don’t forget to add this magical town to your itinerary ❤️,” the new Scilla travel ambassador added.

Graham referred to Scilla as “a hidden gem” and “a magical town,” as for most international travelers visiting Italy, Scilla remains an unfamiliar name compared to more renowned destinations such as Milan or Venice. 

The lack of popularity could be Scilla’s biggest advantage.

Embrace an authentic Italian experience in Scilla, where you can enjoy uncrowded beaches, unexploited ancient castles and vibrant cultural activities. You’ll find yourself surrounded not by fellow tourists, but by local fishermen returning with baskets full of fresh catch, or by Italians who have chosen to relocate from bustling cities like Rome to embrace a quieter life in Scilla.

If discovering a quiet town with beautiful scenes and authentic cultural experience is your ideal trip to Italy, here are some other hidden gems worth considering. 

If you climb up the winding mountain roads in the remote Basilicata region of southern Italy, you’ll discover the breathtaking hill-town Matera. The town is renowned for its unique sassi cave dwellings, which have been inhabited continuously for over 7,000 years. With its spectacular architecture and long history, Matera was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for being “the most outstanding example of a troglodyte settlement in the Mediterranean.”

A few hours’ drive from Matera in the region of Puglia, nestles another UNESCO World Heritage site, Alberobello. This town offers a completely different scenery from Matera, as it’s famous for its trulli, traditional dry stone hunts with conical roofs. Walking through the narrow streets lined with these stony white houses transports visitors to a fairytale-like setting. 

Both towns gained more attention after becoming UNESCO World Heritage sites, but are still less known among international travelers. Make sure to check these hidden treasures out and delve into the country’s diverse historical regions.

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