Superstar DJ Steve Aoki continues his exhilarating travels! 

Not long ago from his dream-like Iceland trip where he licked the crystal blue ice cave, the 45-year-old DJ now is currently immersed in his Summer of Hiroquest music tour in Europe. 

Aoki recently shared snaps on Instagram of his moments in Ibiza, Spain, showcasing a range of outdoor activities he indulged in, including foil boarding, snorkeling and scaling the towering cliff of a magnificent ocean cave alongside his friends. 

Ibiza is a haven for music lovers and musicians, as it’s renowned as a hub for concerts and vibrant nightlife. Aoki had his electric music performance in Amnesia Ibiza, a global nightclub, and will host another two shows in beach club Ushuaia Ibiza in August. 

The two club venues are among the popular super-clubs in Ibiza, with a capacity of several thousand people. Each season they will have visiting DJs from worldwide to bring various music styles to this island. There will also be options and opportunities to experience new party music. You should also try some boat parties that will offer you some unforgettable experiences.


In addition to its lively party atmosphere, Ibiza boasts a wealth of natural wonders and captivating landscapes. Home to stunning caves and cliffs and surrounded by the vast ocean, Ibiza gives you the chance to enjoy various natural adventures. You can dive into the crystalline waters teeming with marine life or explore the majestic ocean caves. 

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