Steve Aoki shared his adventures in the blue ice caves in Alaska on social media, in which he posed under the majestic crystal – and licked the ice. 

“You’ll never see ice this blue. It’s absolutely mesmerizing,” the 45-year-old DJ further expressed his appreciation for the spectacular natural landscape in the caption.

“Alaskan cave exploring bucket ? list ☑️,” he added.

Alaska is on top of the explorers’ bucket list for a reason. In addition to being the northernmost as well as the biggest state in the U.S., this remote land also has the largest national park, the highest peak, the longest coastline and the longest day and night. 

It is a magical place that you will want to return to, as it is hard to explore all the land offers you during one visit. The summer and winter seasons of Alaska will give you completely different natural views and adventures. 

If you love to see the land covered with a thick blanket of fresh white snow lit up by the pale glow of the Northern Lights, with the shape of mountains in the background, the winter season (August to April) of Alaska is perfect for you. Stay in a cozy warm cabin and have a cup of hot cocoa every morning, the perfect time to spend with family and friends.

Of course, don’t forget to visit Alaskan glacier ice caves during the daylight hours! Matanuska, Byron, or Mendenhall Glacier Ice Caves are all phenomenal neutral-formed glaciers accessible by cars. 

During the summer season, the white land turns into a vast green. With the long hours of daylight time, it is the perfect time for outdoor lovers to engage in trekking in national parks or going on a wildlife spotting adventure.  

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