Six Senses Ibiza is a relatively new resort, but it’s already making waves as a popular destination for celebrity vacations.


Sustainability is the ticket to popularity these days, and Six Senses has made sustainability its mission. The resort has pledged to be a zero-waste and zero single-use plastic destination. It has its own farm, where they produce all their food locally and organically. Guests even have the option of utilizing the farm to collect their own food. Guest chefs are known to host pop-up events for a unique and delicious dining experience. The farm supplies Six Senses’ four restaurants, café and juice bar.

The resort’s sustainability efforts go further than food. Over 10% of their electricity is supplied by solar panels. They are also committed to upholding their environmental responsibility as they support a nearby hedgehog sanctuary. Hedgehogs are native to the island, and to honor the little creature, every guest will find a hedgehog soft toy made by local artists in their room for an extra cost. The funds make their way back to the sanctuary through the resort’s sustainability fund.

Six Senses makes sure that guests leave their time at the resort more relaxed and happier than when they arrived, by emphasizing wellness through their spa which is built into cliffs. The spa focuses on natural healing methods and includes experts to guide guests on their own health journey.

Celebrity Guest: Alexa Chung

Supermodel, fashion designer and writer Alexa Chung visited Six Senses Ibiza last August, and she couldn’t help but share a photo with the resort’s stunning scenery. The infinity pool screams luxury as it overlooks Xarraca Bay.

Chung was one of the first celebrities to post about the Six Senses Ibiza as she booked her stay just a month and a half after the grand opening.

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