Entrepreneur Jessie James Decker and her husband ex-NFL star Eric Decker shared gelato as they walked down the picturesque streets of France.

“Just an evening gelato stroll in France with my baby daddy,” Decker wrote in the Instagram caption of the sweet video taken on their trip to celebrate nine years of marriage.


Read on to find out how you can vacation like the Deckers.

Stop by Pozzetto for the best gelato in France. Take a gander out to the Marais district in Paris to find the amazing family-owned business. Pozzetto stands out from other gelato shops in its packaging of the gelato. While most shops store heaps of gelato in refrigerated glass cases, Pozzetto keeps theirs in small lidded metallic containers. This tactic keeps the gelato fresher and creamier, as well as allows for the desert to be more flavorful. The shop offers rotating flavors, but they have 12 in stock at any given time. Normally, they have around seven milk-based flavors and five dairy-free or sorbet options made only with fruit for those with lactose intolerance or other dietary restrictions. A must-try flavor when visiting Pozetto is gianduja, a classic Italian flavor made with hazelnut and chocolate.

Luckily for visitors, the Marais district in Paris is one of the best places to walk in the city. It is famous for its cobblestone streets, hidden gardens and being home to the oldest market in Paris. After grabbing some delicious gelato from Pozzetto, head over to the Village Sain-Paul-Le-Marais to find around 200 antique dealers and design shops. This is the perfect place to stroll while enjoying the amazing flavors of the famous Italian delicacy in Paris.

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