The Great Arctic Swim will span from Canada to Greenland, to raise awareness of global warming.

Long-distance swimmer Justin Fornal will attempt to swim the 25 miles between Canada and Greenland. He will be joined by pilot Wesley Archer. On August 7, 2022, the team will take off from New York and make the risky flight to the high arctic.

“The Nares Strait and to the south, Baffin Bay, are the epicenter for the results of global warming,” a statement from the adventurers said. “Conditions are changing fast and in dramatic fashion and the result is the loss of traditional Inuit culture and the natural ecology. It is imperative we educate the World but we also tell the story of adventure. Together, we believe we will tell the story of the Arctic.”

The conditions of the water in the Nares Straight will be all-important, as it is the location of some of the most extreme and unpredictable weather in the Arctic.

The team has spent the past four years planning the expedition. Archer will be in a kayak next to Fornal the whole time, making sure he has the supplies he needs, such as hot drinks and food. Wildlife is also a concern, but an Inuit support team will stay close to Fornal to ward off any sharks or walruses.

In addition to the central team, Award-winning filmmaker Emiliano Ruprah will be along on the adventure to document it. G.W. K. Moore will also join in to advise the team scientifically to make sure they stay on course and are staying safe.

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