Zac Efron and his family just got back from a vacation on Catalina Island celebrating his brother Dylan’s 30th birthday.

The brothers spent time tempting a buffalo while on a buffalo tour and playing golf.

“HBD lil bro! 30 years and we’re still up to the same $&!+ @dylanefron

A few photos from the bday weekend ??,” Efron captioned a birthday post on Instagram.

Catalina Island sits 22 miles off the coast of California near Los Angeles. Setting foot on the island is almost like entering another country. The vibrant green hills and deep blue Avalon Bay make the island a popular tourist destination. The island features many outdoor activities and restaurants.

Many water activities take place at Descanso Beach, a one-mile stretch of white sands. Kayaks and paddleboards are available to rent on-site. There are multiple ways to enjoy sea life such as glass-bottom boat tours and SNUBA diving, which is an alternative to scuba diving. SNUBA diving allows beachgoers to walk the seafloor minus the heavy equipment. Instead of heavy oxygen gear, a hose runs to the ocean’s surface so the user can still breathe.

Seafood is the must-try cuisine of Catalina Island. The island is home to famous seafood restaurants such as NDMK Fish House, The Blue Water Grill and the Harbor Reef Restaurant.

Zac and Dylan are known for their adventures in nature, so it’s no surprise they chose such a nature-centric destination to celebrate Dylan’s birthday.


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