Tourism is booming in the Dominican Republic, and for good reason. The Dominican Republic is home to beautiful beaches, luxury resorts and a wide range of entertainment options. While all those things are well-known, still another reason seems to be that the country does not require proof of COVID-19 vaccination to enter.

The Dominican Republic also does not require quarantine or even require negative test results to enter the country.

“We knew it was a risk and we wanted to take it,” Jacqueline Mora, the deputy minister of tourism, said in an interview with the New York Times.

Last December, the Dominican Republic saw 700,000 tourists, which is more tourists than ever before in a month’s span. The economy grew an estimated 11%, despite a projected 4.9% growth as of last March, per Fitch Ratings.

As Omicron spiked, the Dominican Republic’s positive tests skyrocketed by several hundred percent. Now, the hospitality sector, which is almost 100% vaccinated, is getting infected and citizens are starting to speak out.

One proposal stated that allowing tourists to come in without proof of vaccination or having to wear masks was discriminatory because citizens of the Dominican Republic were being held to a different standard. On Monday, the country will begin requiring proof of booster shot to enter banks, restaurants, shopping centers and public transportation.

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