Mariska Hargitay took a getaway trip with her husband Peter Hermann to view the breathtaking cliffs at the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy

The 59-year-old Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star shared a glimpse of her vacation on Instagram, with lovely photos of herself and Hermann kissing in front of the mountainous coastline and rocky caves. 

Hargitay and Hermann, 55, are not the only celebrities that visited this Mediterranean coastal region. 

How I Met Your Mother alum Neil Patrick Harris, supermodel Christy Turlington, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star Lana Condor, and more, have all shared their visits to the Amalfi Coast and embarked on the awe-inspiring landscape. 

So what is so special about Amalfi Coast that it continues to captivate both personalities and travelers?

The stunning natural landscape that appears to be in Hargitay’s Instagram post is the biggest attraction. The cliffs that dramatically meet the water of the Mediterranean Sea and the rugged coastline, dotted with layered colorful houses built upon the hilly land, create a postcard-worthy scenery. 

The region’s rich history and cultural heritage add to its appeal to visitors, as the Amalfi Coast is home to enchanting towns such as Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, where you can find medieval architecture and ancient ruins. 

While the Amalfi Coast holds its rightful place as a celebrity-favored destination, Italy offers other hotspots where your favorite actors and influencers may show up for their vacations. 

One such place is the enchanting city of Venice, renowned for its romantic canals, exquisite architecture, and world-famous Venice Film Festival. Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom and partner Katy Perry as well as Still Alice star Julianne Moore have recently visted in the Floating City. 

Another sought-after destination for celebrities in Italy is Sicily, the largest and most popular island in the central Mediterranean Sea. Not long ago the Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale shared a post of her soaking up the sun in a bikini on the Taormina beach in Sicily. Here you can enjoy the exceptional beaches and charming villages, or rediscover the footsteps of some famous Italian films that took place in Sicily such as Malèna (2000). 

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