Ana Maria Marković recently embarked on an adventure to the spectacular Benagil Cave in the Algarve region of Portugal. 

The 23-year-old, often referred to as the “world’s most beautiful soccer player,” posted snaps of herself in a black bikini posing in the ocean water beneath the cave’s grandeur. 

“Paradise spot. ??,” the Croatian soccer player captioned alongside the pictures, referring to the breathtaking natural wonder of Grutas de Benagil as she geotagged in the post. 

The Benagil Cave is a huge naturally formed sea cave located in the south of Portugal, at the coastline of the Algarve region. The raw magnificence and the sunlight shining through the cave’s ceiling holes add a sense of sacredness, which gives it another name, “Benagil Cathedral.”


It is indeed as Marković described it – a “paradise” – and a must-visit spot for nature lovers and adventurers. With its unique rock formations and secluded beach, the Benagil Cave offers visitors an array of unforgettable experiences. 

Here are four incredible ways to appreciate the captivating beauty of the cave:

Kayaking: Paddle your way through the crystal-clear waters and glide beneath the cave’s arches, allowing you to stay dry while intimately embracing the cave’s natural beauty.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Want to test your balance and explore the cave from a new angle? Appreciating the cave’s vastness while standing on a paddleboard is definitely an experience you will never forget. 

Boat Tours: Opt for a boat tour, where expert guides navigate through the cave’s intricate network of tunnels while telling you about its geological significance and local legends.

Swimming: Dive into the refreshing waters and swim towards the cave’s interior, feeling the cool ocean breeze as you immerse yourself in this magical setting.

Most importantly, don’t forget to capture the amazing moments of being a part of the natural wonder through your camera lens. Standing in the water with the cave’s natural “window” in the background, as Marković posed in her snaps, allows for a truly mesmerizing shot that catches the awe-inspiring atmosphere of the Benagil Cave.

Have you been to the Benagil Cave? Tell us your favorite tip in the comments! Best ones will be included in a future post with credit given to you! 


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