Like many young people, supermodel Bella Hadid, 25, is active on TikTok, and she shared her pre-travel wellness routine with all of her followers earlier this week.

To begin her day, Hadid decided to get active by hitting the gym. Her machine of choice was the elliptical. After her morning workout, she took time to make some hot tea which she took with her to the sauna.

Health is extremely important to Hadid, and she underwent a vitamin-packed IV drip and put her legs in NormaTec sleeves. The sleeves, which cost $900, “help rid muscles of lactic acid and lymphatic fluids, clearing the way for enhanced recovery and shorter downtime between workouts,” per Maryland Cryotherapy. After that, Hadid used an oxygen bar which helps improve energy levels.

The supermodel is not just mindful of taking care of the outside of her body, but what goes into it, too. The last step in her pre-travel routine is a nutritious meal. She drank detoxifying lemon juice before eating a wrap, hummus, pita chips and finally taking down celery and cucumber green juice before being ready to board the plane.

Watch the TikTok below.


Day off , getting ready to go to the airport and fly ta my next job ! You guys like this shit? Health is wealth!!!!!

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