Italy proves once again to be a favorite vacation spot for celebrities.

Actress Demi Moore enjoyed a gorgeous day on the lake. She sported a striped bikini and sunglasses for a day spent on a boat soaking up the sun.

“One last jump for joy before leaping into fall!” she captioned a photo shared on Instagram.


To travel like Demi Moore, schedule an Italian lake getaway.

The most popular lake to boat on is Lake Como. Visit the famous lake for wonderful views of the Alps and of the colorful villas on the shores. The vividly blue waters contrasting with the colors of the villas and flowers make for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Luxury hotels scatter the shores so there is no shortage of places to stay to enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are also camping sites in the region for more adventurous explorers. Camping at ai Colli Fioriti will bring prices down as low as 21 euros per night.

Lake Garda, which is the largest lake in Italy, is another stunning destination. Located at the foot of the Dolomites in the northern region of the country, the lake offers clear waters and endless fun. It is a wonderful place to sail, wind and kite surf because of the north-to-south winds, but the lake is also near luscious green hills dotted with vineyards, centuries-old castles and breathtaking waterfalls. Staying near Lake Garda is also perfect for making day trips to Venice or Milan. There are many villages to choose from when deciding where to establish a base for the trip. Sirmione is famous for its thermal baths. Bardolino is known for its incredible wine. Gardone is known for its gardens. The list keeps going on!

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