On February 4, Mindy Kaling posted pictures from her trip to ‘The Pink City’ on her Instagram. ‘The Pink City’ is formally known as Jaipur, the capital of India’s state Rajasthan. In the post, the Velma star and creator had on a white dress with bold prints that matched the ornate white trim of the pink courtyard.


The city’s best-known attraction is Hawa Mahal, or the Palace of Breeze. Built in 1799, the palace has 953 honeycomb-shaped windowsills that allowed Rajput royal ladies to see out on the street without being seen themselves. Click here for packages and deals.

Located just off the side of the Hawa Mahal is the Hawa Mahal Bazar or market. Here you can buy souvenirs the city is known for, such as precious or semi-precious stones and jewelry, cotton rugs or carpets, or even tie-dyed saris. Whatever you do, don’t be scared to embrace the bold colors of the city!

If you want to monkey around a little, then you should pay a visit to the Monkey Temple, formally known as Galta Ji. This temple is home to hundreds of monkeys who are down to interact and play with you but are also known to steal from tourists. The temple also has an oasis from the Indian heat with its natural springs that thousands come to bathe in each year.

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