Vanessa Hudgens and her sister Stella were spotted enjoying a vacation in Rome. The sisters went on the town wearing their most colorful outfits. Vanessa wore a bright pink two-piece set while Stella rocked a silk lavender two piece-set.


“Yesterday my life was duller, now everything is technicolor ✨ @stellahudgens,” Vanessa captioned a series of photos posted to Instagram quoting Hilary Duff‘s song “What Dreams Are Made Of.”

To visit Rome like the Hudgens sisters, make sure to snap a picture in front of the Spanish Steps. The 138 steps were built between 1723 and 1726 leading up to the Trinità dei Monti church, where visitors are able to take in great views of the city. There is a fountain at the bottom of the stairway called “Fontana della Barcaccia,” which translates to “Fountain of the ugly boat.” The name refers to a longstanding tale dating back to when the River Tiber flooded in the late 1500s and an ugly boat was stranded where the fountain now sits when the water went back down.

The best time of the year to visit the Spanish Steps is April and May. Every year, the stairs are decorated with pink azaleas making for a stunning sight and a wonderful play for a photo-op.

Take note that visitors are not allowed to sit on the steps because it could damage them. The steps have been restored many times since they were built around 300 years ago. Eating is also banned on the steps, and those who don’t follow the rules can be fined.

There are also elevators to accommodate anyone who may not be able to climb the stairs.

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