TAP Air Portugal is taking part in a new campaign promoting travel to the Azores islands in Portugal from select markets.

The offer is available from February 22, 2022, to March 4, 2022, for travel dates up until June 30 of this year.


The Azores is an archipelago that is made up of nine volcanic islands. The destination is the perfect place for nature lovers as it is famous for whale and dolphin watching. The surrounding ocean is home to nearly a third of the world’s whales, dolphins and porpoises.

In the Azores islands, the Atlantic Ocean shimmers a bright blue and contrasts with the deep greenery of the surrounding hills. The islands are filled with reserves to protect land animals, vegetation and marine life. Just five percent of the land is developed. The islands also utilize sustainable energy sources, receiving 40% of their energy from renewable resources, such as geothermal energy.

The Azores is also a perfect destination for any traveler who loves outdoor activities. The temperature and visibility make the water near the Azores one of the best locations to dive in the Atlantic.

The Azores is a year-round destination for water sports, due to their mild winters. Sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and paddle boarding are all popular activities. If water sports aren’t appealing, the islands also offer scenic hiking trails. The islands boast nearly 60 trails.

If that isn’t enough to persuade you, find more details on flight deals below!

Sales dates: 22th February (2022) to 4th March (2022)
Travel dates: until 30th June (2022)
Blackout dates: 8th of April 2022 until 25th of April 2022
Markets: PT, ES, FR, IT, DE, AT
Other conditions: Valid on TAP operated flights
Discount: Special fares

You can find more details here!

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