For the majority of travelers, the ever-unpredictable line at airport security is a dreaded experience. A flyer never knows how long the line will be, how slow or fast it will move and then there’s the scramble to stay somewhat organized even while removing shoes, liquids, and laptops. Here are some helpful hints on TSA PreCheck, Global Entry and Clear that may make future airport experiences a little easier.

TSA PreCheck directs the traveler to a different line where they don’t have to remove their shoes, jacket or laptop. Global Entry is very similar to PreCheck but also expedites the customs and immigration lines for international fliers returning to the U.S. When credit cards offer either of these services, they usually do it in one of two ways.

The first option is receiving a $85 credit to cover PreCheck, which costs $85 for five years. The second option is a $100 credit to cover the fee for Global Entry, which costs $100 for 5 years.  Since Global Entry has all the benefits of PreCheck and them some, it is best to go with that Global Entry. Some credit cards only offer $85 credit for both options, which leaves a $15 balance to be paid if choosing Global Entry.

Here is a list of credit cards that offer a $100 credit that would cover 5-years of PreCheck or Global Entry.

There are also traveler loyalty programs where travelers can use miles or points to earn free TSA PreCheck.

Clear allows a traveler to skip the lines entirely. There is no requirement to show an ID before going through normal screening. Clear is more difficult to get for free, but United and Delta fliers can get it if they reach the Diamond Medallion (Delta) or Premiere 1K (United) distinction.

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